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Andrea Gallimore - eServices Coaching Supervisor

Andrea Gallimore has over 17 years of experience with Dentrix and the dental industry. She has worked as an office manager for a multi-doctor practice and also as a Certified Dentrix Trainer.  Andrea currently works for Henry Schein Practice Solutions as the eServices Coaching Supervisor, presents weekly webinars on various eServices products, and presents educational dental seminars across the country.  With her extensive software knowledge and real-world office management expertise, Andrea can help practices maximize efficiency and profitability using Dentrix and eServices.


Alicia Owens 

Alicia started her dental career 30 years ago as a dental assistant, the last 16 years of that time she was an Office Manager for general dental practices. She worked with Dentrix in a dental office for 13 years. She became a Certified Dentrix/Easy Dental in-office trainer in 2004 and operated her own consulting business. Alicia also worked for time taking support calls for Dentrix and Easy Dental. In 2010 Alicia became a full time HSPS employee. She is currently a Certified Dentrix Profitability Coach and an eServices Coach. Her vast knowledge of Dentrix and our eServices products along with her practical office experience enables her to assess an office’s needs and make recommendations accordingly so an office can effectively increase efficiency and profitability. 



Christy Rasmussen

Christy has worked for Henry Schein since September 2006. She started out in Easy Dental support and advanced to Dentrix Support. In September 2008 she joined the Profitability Coaching team as a valued member. Later on she moved to the eServices coaching team where she continues to thrill her customers with her vast knowledge.

  Cindy Sipe

Cindy began her career in dentistry more than 15 years ago working as the Treatment Coordinator and Office Manager for a periodontal office and then a general practice in the Greenville, SC area.  Cindy has been a Dentrix Certified Trainer for over 1990.  Her experience includes In-Office Trainer and Seminar Instructor on Dentrix, EasyDental and Enterprise.   Cindy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Education and her love for teaching and people are reasons why she enjoys her job as an eServices Coach.

 “I know, firsthand, the challenges of trying to learn new software and feeling overwhelmed.  Having experienced this myself, I love to help others turn their fear into confidence and frustration into ‘know how’”

Farrah Miller

Farrah has worked with Dentrix since March 2008, started with Dentrix and Easy Dental support for 2 years.  She was given the opportunity to be a part of a pilot team starting eServices in Greenville, SC in 2010.  In 2013 she advanced to the Cross Product Team troubleshooting all aspect of Dentrix, Easy Dental, Power Pay, eBackup and other eServices Products.  She advanced to the eServices Coaching Team as of April 2015.
She lives in Greenville, SC and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Ginger Wills

Ginger began her career in the dental field in 2002 as a Scheduling Coordinator and then as an Office Manager. In 2004 her office converted to Dentrix and she became determined to master this software. Ginger became a certified Dentrix Trainer in May of 2010 after working with numerous practices seeking help on how to maximize their knowledge of using the software. 

"I have found that most practices utilize less than 30% of the software and because Dentrix is customizable for each individual practice there is confusion about how and what to do.  It is rewarding to work with an office that is able to use their software to improve efficiency and productivity within their practice and have fun while doing so".

Ginny Knox

Ginny Knox has worked in the dental field since 1980.  She became a Certified Dentrix Trainer in 2007, and was awarded the Spirit of Dentrix award in 2014.

Her experience includes Office Manager for several different dental offices.  She has also worked with a Dental Consultant in a number offices, helping to improve Treatment Acceptance and setting up Soft Tissue Management programs. She has been an eServices coach for a year and enjoys the interaction with the offices she works with.

  Irma Loftis 

Irma Loftis has been in the dental field since 1993.  Starting with her first office in 1993, she has been using the Dentrix Software.  She became a Certified Dentrix Trainer in 1998 and continued working in the dental office part time.  Also included with Irma’s experience as a Dental office manager is Easy Dental, Enterprise Trainer and hosting study groups for Dentrix Users

“I love to share my knowledge and experiences with offices and to show them all the wonderful benefits of using our software.”

  Jessica Mullins

Before becoming an eServices coach, Jessica started in the dental field in 2008 as a practice manager, dental assistant and insurance specialist. She brings all that experience into her coaching sessions to help her offices achieve the optimal best practices experience. With Dentrix and clinical experience, she can also help you tailor your eServices to best accommodate your office and the specific needs of your patients. 

  Karen Thornhill

Karen started in the dental field when she was in high school working in her father’s orthodontic practice. She later moved to general dentistry where she worked in an office that had Dentrix, and in 1990 became certified to train for Dentrix and Easy Dental.

“I still get excited about Dentrix and the new features they've added. I want each dental practice to love Dentrix the way I do, and that takes customizing the software to meet the needs of the office.” Karen lives in Texas with her three grown daughters and two grandsons.

Kelly Harper

Before joining the eServices Coaching team, Kelly Harper acquired 17 years of dental office experience bring her total time in the dental field to 23 years.  She was a Dentrix user before becoming a Dentrix and Easy Dental in-office trainer in 2004.
   Kim Thornton

Kim Thornton is a Certified Dentrix Profitability Coach, published author, and has over 20 years of experience in the dental profession as a Dental Assistant, Office Manager, and Consultant. Since 1999 she has worked in several areas of Dentrix and eCentral, including being a certified Dentrix, Easy Dental, and Hi-Tech Trainer and in 2012 she was the recipient of Henry Schein’s Team Schein Award.

"In the years I have been a trainer and coach, I notice considerable differences in the offices that seek continuing education with Dentrix and eCentral versus those who do not, especially if you have new staff members that never received initial training, or are considering going chartless and/or paperless".


Poonam Jackson

Poonam started off with Henry Schein on the support side in 2008.  From working with Dentrix core support she furthered her knowledge and was able to work the eservices support side as well.  From there she advanced as a Tech 5 in support for Cross product.  After about 7 years she wanted to advance her career more on the personal relationship with offices.  She was able to do that by joining our amazing eServices Coaching team, where she has been working since January/2015.  "I absolutely love our team and the goals we set for our offices with further education on our products and how to better utilize our products to the best of its capability.  In turn we get outstanding results with our products, and has made a difference in the office itself.   I look forward to working you in the future!!" 

Ramona Stephan

Ramona began working in the dental field in 1985 as a business manager. She worked for the same dentist for over 20 years and has been using Dentrix since 1995. Ramona became a Certified Dentrix and Easy Dental Trainer in 2005. She has been a certified eServiecs Coach since 2009. Ramona’s in office experience and knowledge provides a way for offices to maximize their eServices products. “I enjoy helping offices utilize eServices to their full potential. Many times, the staff members don’t want to use the products, because they don’t have a complete understanding of how to use them. Once they have a full understanding of our products, they are extremely happy with the potential for improved efficiency and productivity. I’ve heard from many offices that they wish they would have had Coaching sooner!” 

  Terra Westerholt

Terra Westerholt has a combined total of almost 16 years in the dental field.  After almost 10 years of experience as a Receptionist, Scheduling Coordinator, Billing Specialist and Office Manager using Easy Dental then Dentrix and Enterprise, she became a Certified Dentrix Trainer.

 "I was self-taught on our software at my first office.  I soon saw that there was a lot of the software that our office was not utilizing.  After we had an in office trainer and we were able to see a little of what we had been doing wrong, I knew I needed more training.  I attended a few seminars and could see the difference of those offices that had continuing education as opposed to those that had not.  I learned something new at each seminar.  I love to “wow” our offices with tricks or tools that I know will make their job easier and more efficient!  I take pride in what I do and look forward to sharing my experiences with the offices I work with".