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Get more out of your Dentrix investment with Dentrix Profitability Coaching Program. This unique program is designed to turn your Dentrix practice management solution into a more effective profit-boosting tool. Your Dentrix practice management system is facilitating and enhancing the sound business practices that have already made you successful. Now we want to help you create stronger, more meaningful connections between all the capabilities Dentrix offers and your bottom line.

What is Dentrix Profitability Coaching?

The new Profitability Coaching is an affordable new service delivered by experienced Dentrix coaches and is customized to each practice’s unique practice management needs. This coaching program includes important topics tailored to help dentists and key team members incorporate best practices into their daily routines to become more efficient.

You Recieve:

• One-on-one coaching from an experienced Dentrix coach

Coaching designed with input from the Pride Institute, Jameson Management and other practice management experts

• Review of Key Performance Indicators to analyze strengths and opportunities

The Coaching Program will help customers:

·Increase Efficiencies

·Accelerate Profitability

·Improve Cash Flow

·Reduce Stress

·Improve Customer Service

·Enhance Patient Communications




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